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Bro, How to Laugh Away the Lockdown Da?’ Bengaluru Comedian is Making People Smile in Times of Stress

Actor-comedian Danish Sait, best known for his lead role in Kanglish-movie ‘Humble Politician Nograj’ has become a hit on social media these days with most of his content pegged around life in Bengaluru amid lockdown.

This started with a series of tweets on how every Bangalorean typically reacts:

“Bro, no traffic only bro.” “Bro the f***ing birds are nexsht levelll da.” “Machcha we should go to Goa da, after all this.” This soon received lot of appreciation with actor Rana Daggubati reacting to it too.

He followed it up with another conversation between a couple on lockdown. The 57-second-long conversation is about the couple placing a home-delivery request with a supermarket run by a Malayali. Interestingly, in the video, Sait plays the role of the husband, wife as well as theperson who takes the order. This video also received much love from the Twitterati.

“To be honest, it is just boredom,” Sait told us, when asked what prompted him to make the series of videos sitting at his home. “I was tired of doing the dishes, making my bed and cooking. I was speaking to friends when I realised our conversations were in a loop. Everyone was saying the same stuff.”

So this ‘pen-and-paper-boy’, as he calls himself, decided to start recording on his mobile phone the minute-long videos about how the city is reacting to the lockdown

Most of his content is inspired by real life conversations that he was with friends and their families on how they are coping with the lockdown.

“It is so funny. We are so different, even though we are all equal right now,” he says talking about the ways in which his friends have reacted about not being able to go to a salon for a haircut, or making do without their domestic helps.

“I slyly make these conversations. I call up old friends, schoolmates and other acquaintances. You just have to call and ask ‘how are you?’ and they will speak,” he says. “I called up a friend I went to junior school with. And he started off with, ‘dude, you know dude’. I was like keep talking,” he says.

In all the videos, Sait can be seen wearing either a grey T-shirt or an orange one. His suitcase with most of his clothes is stuck in Mumbai from where he had come to Bangalore on a two-day trip just before the lockdown was imposed.

“Everyone relates to this content. It is not planned or plotted or anything. I’m happy people are enjoying it and it is keeping them entertained even if it is just for a minute. The times are stressful with people losing jobs and other things. But if they can laugh about it saying, ‘ok, it’s not just us,’I’m just glad people are laughing,” Sait says.
Domestic help is the theme of his latest video. “Everyone I know has spoken to their help, and the househelps have called up the employers as well during this time. One of my friend’s wives tells me she called up her help and told her, ‘Shanta, dude, you have a job.’ Well, that’s what my next video is going to be on,” Sait says.

Well, social distancing doesn’t apply to social media, and he’s certainly winning his way into people’s quarantined homes through their Twitter and Instagram feeds.