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Roger Goodell on holding the draft as scheduled: It’s important to have normalcy

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league’s decision to have the draft as scheduled next week is part of keeping as much of a sense of normalcy is possible at this time.

Goodell said on the Rich Eisen Show that he wanted the league to hold the draft if it possibly could, even knowing that it will be essentially a televised conference call, rather than a major event drawing thousands of fans to Las Vegas.

“It’s important to have normalcy, it’s important to continue on schedule as best you can,” Goodell said. “The draft itself will be different because it’s no longer a live event.”

Goodell said every owner was in favor of the league’s decision to have the draft on time, and the NFL saw no reason to delay.

“We’re doing this in a way that demonstrates that you can continue to do what you need to do in this country, and do it safely at home,” Goodell said.

The league plans to recognize health care workers and first responders at the draft, and the draft will include a telethon raising money for six charities that feed the needy. Which means some good may come out of the event that some thought wouldn’t take place at all.